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Project Notebook

Project Notebook

A fundraising project that aims to empower and help underprivileged students in our community by providing them access to electronic devices and developing valuable soft skills in them.

SDGs Achieved


Our Beneficiaries


D&S provides holistic support for the AwLD community through programs like 'Self Advocacy,' 'OPTIONS' for supported living, and the 'Bake With Dignity' employment initiative. The organization is dedicated to treat individuals with respect, emphasizing living skills, upholding AwLD rights, creating job opportunities, and raising public awareness about their challenges.

Lotus Charity Care Centre is a diverse home that assists elderly individuals and underprivileged children facing abandonment and societal rejection. We provide them with a caring environment, offering food, clothing and quality education for the children. Our mission is to create awareness of a healthy and loving atmosphere for the families we support.

Past Events

Future Events

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