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Enactus UNM E-Bazaar is not just a marketplace, but also a transformative journey and a stage for local businesses to shine and prosper. All the students' booths set up are also a pathway to meaningful changes. Join us in this dual committment to support local businesses and driving social impact.

Commercial Venture (CV)

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Artisan Market

It is not just an event, but also your front-row ticket to witness and be part of the unfolding success stories of our future business leaders. Immerse yourself in a dynamic showcase of university ingenuity and unveiling the next wave of student-led ventures. Join Artisan Market to unlock your potential and turn your creativity into commerce !


Sell On Notts

Bring your unwanted items and brew a fresh pot of cash for it. Or... find a treasure from items others bring through our very own thrift store Sell on Notts.

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A brewing workshop for or all coffee lovers to spill the beans on making coffee magic. Sip, chat, and caffeinate your passion into perfection with us and 18 Grams Coffee. Let's brew up some good times !

UNM Coffee Fair 23/24

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