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Empowering youths to make bigger waves through social entrepreneurship.

About Us

ENACTUS UNM has worked to make an impact on the community and environment in Malaysia for years through various projects. However, we wanted to create a system that allows us to reach more people than we could ever reach independently, expanding our impact multiple fold. 

Project NotionHub is born from the belief that the entrepreneurial spirit and will to serve others should be preserved in order for the intent of social enterprises to be realized. By offering our support for social enterprises through an acceleration program, we hope for the impact of SEs to be felt more intensely by the communities they aim to serve. 

NotionHub offers social enterprises:







By ensuring that youths are equipped with the skills, resources and experience to face business challenges during their expansion phase and beyond, the resilience of the social enterprise is greatly increased, allowing them to scale their impact effectively and efficiently.
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Source: British Council, 2018
According to data from the British Council in 2018, difficulty in obtaining financing was voted as the largest barrier to growth by 55% of social enterprises surveyed. 
Plans to increase growth included product development, geographical expansion and marketing in the top three positions, all of which require substantial funding.
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We Promise...
We are different.

NotionHub exclusively focuses on a younger demographic,

18 to 25 years old.


This allows us to feel more approachable to youths who are considering an accelerator for the first time. Participants from this specific demographic also are more understanding of the challenges a young entrepreneur faces and can offer one another better insight to coping with such experiences. 

Unlike many accelerators, we also focus on social enterprises rather than purely commercial ventures.


This ensures that all participants in our program have a common understanding of our goals and the goals of their peers. It also fosters a strong and supportive community for these types of ventures.

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Still wondering how these things will help you?
Let us explain.


  • NotionHub offers seed funding for your business to face the challenges that stagnate your growth. We also match you to a suitable mentor that understands and has experience with your challenges.

  • Mentors will be present throughout the period of the program to guide you in decision making, ideation and your actions as you work through your business goal. Seminars to help you sharpen your business strategy and problem solving skills will enable you to connect with experienced social entrepreneurs.

Application Criteria and Form

1. Be a social entrepreneur between 18 to 25 years old.


2. Either be a registered social enterprise or register as an SEs upon beginning our program


Great news! If you aren’t registered as a social enterprise already, you are still eligible to join our program. We offer the funds to help you get registered when you join NotionHub!


3. Your enterprise should fall within the  theme guidelines of Environmental Sustainability and Empowering Women


If your enterprise does not fulfil this requirement, fret not, NotionHub will continue taking on social enterprises every academic year. To help us understand what social enterprises need most, send us an email telling us about your interest and we’ll do our best to offer what social enterprise owners like you need most!

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Entrepreneurial - igniting business innovation with integrity and passion

Action - the experience of social impact that sparks social enterprise.

Us - student, academic and business leaders collaborating to create a better world.

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Contact Us

The University of Nottingham Malaysia,

Jalan Broga,

43500 Semenyih,

Selangor Darul Ehsan.



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