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This project aims to utilize mushrooms as an avenue to empower our target community and improve their quality of life through spreading entrepreneurial skills via the sales of mushrooms cultivated. The current target community is now Desa Amal Jireh welfare organisation based in Semenyih.

Over 50 kg of

Mushrooms harvested

Over 70

Young lives impacted




March 2020

- Mushroom Tom Yum sold at E-Bazaar by Desa Amal Jireh kids with the aid of project members

- SOP finalized for the project to be passed to DAJ

February 2020

- Workshop conducted to teach the DAJ kids. 20 kids were impacted by teaching them excel sheets and business etiquette

- Weekly schedule made for members to check up on  mushrooms

- Mushrooms are harvested and sold at RM 12/kg

January 2020

- 350 mushroom bags were purchased for this season of harvest

- Mushroom shed was renovated by installing ventilation fans, aluminium foil roof and painting the exterior white to create a more stable shed for cultivation

December 2019

- Discussed with DAJ and contractors on shed improvements and renovations

- SOP drafted for Project Mushroom Republic

November 2019

- Engaged in the DAJ Charity Sales on the 30th of November to build our relationship

- Market survey on selling price conducted as well as finding potential buyers and mushroom recipe testing

- A data logger was installed into the mushroom shack to measure the humidity of the air

September 2019

- Purchased 400 mushroom bags for this season's harvest


March 2019

- Official opening ceremony of Project Mushroom Republic in partnership with Desa Amal Jireh. Following the ceremony a short entrepreneurial workshop was held with the DAJ kids impacting over 30 young lives

- Workshop held in partnership with Teach For Malaysia to improve the Mushroom Republics' interpersonal skills, focusing on their targeted community

- Logbook made to record the growth of mushrooms

February 2019

- The racks were built and over 400 mushroom bags were moved into the shed on DAJ land

December 2018 - January 2019

- The construction of the mushroom shack on the Desa Amal Jireh land began in December and finished construction in January

November 2018

- Equipment was purchased and there was a 200 bag increase in production of the mushrooms


April 2018

- Bags were harvested and sold at the e-bazaar

March 2018

- Preparations were made to harvest and package the growing mushroom bags

February 2018

- Project Mushroom Republic had a launch day starting with 200 mushroom bags

- Over 20 young lives impacted by teaching the kids how to cultivate the mushrooms from the bags

October 2017

- Desa Amal Jireh Orphanage was finalized as the target community for Mushroom Republic. Connections were made with the Mushroom bag suppliers 

Our Team


While the Project Mushroom Republic Team changes every year, the active members all share a common trait: a passion to impact the community. Each of these members possess nurturing characteristics and work tirelessly to improve the situations of those around them. These members impact the lives of the young orphans at Desa Amal Jireh whilst ensuring our mushroom bags are growing and selling well


Centered: Chin Min Lin (Project Leader)

The team: Seow Han Quan, Riswan Nasik, Jesmine Ng, Jessilyn Teh, Sara Mostafa, Sim Rou, Dimas Wahyu, Jonas Ho, Wan Athira Sabrina Wan Amiruddin


4th from right: Veenitha a/p Balachandran (Project Leader)

The team: Wong Kai Vern, Neha Basanta Lala, Margaret Lim, Ng Wen Jie, Chew Li Yan, Chuah Shang Jee, Yong Su Zen,

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