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Project Green Wall is a project where we implement vertical gardening with the aim to reduce carbon footprint and raise awareness on the environmental issues among our target communities. This project advocates four of the seventeen United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, which are [3] Good Health and Well-Being, [11] Sustainable Cities and Communities, [13] Climate Action and [15] Life on Land. 

135 Potted Plants

Producing clean air



2018 - 2019

October 2019: Project Empowerment

- The Project Greenwall plants and racks were passed to one of our target communities (Desa Amal Jireh) in order to increase the green space of their area as well as increasing the awareness of the importance of the environment in our livelihoods

March 2019

- Held a meeting with Enactus LSR (India) for advice and experience with greenwalls as well as setting up any potential collaborations

February 2019

- Official launch of the Project Greenwall at the UG Balcony on UNM Campus. A variety of plants were bought and watered using a drip irrigation self watering system

- In total, 135 plants were potted which spanned a total area of 10m by 0.4m

- A system was created to log the growth of plants

January 2019

- The proposal made to conduct Project Greenwall at the UG Balcony was approved by the SA Officers

November 2018

- Pilot plants were purchased to test the feasibility of the project

October 2018: Project Initiation

- Project Greenwall's team is formed for the first time

Our Team


During its run, Project Greenwall only had one team at it's helm. The team was an all female team showcasing some of Enactus UNM's best talent. These resourceful women did the research and site-visits necessary to carefully choose the right plants for Project Greenwall. With their enthusiasm for nature and the environment, Project Greenwall was able to bloom in just one academic year


Centered: Lau Yee Leen (Project Leader)

The team: Ursita Kurian Mooleplackal, Lee Shin Yi,

Chin Min Lin, Nur Sofia Hany Zul Hadi, 

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