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This project was an initiative which was inspired by the ‘Consulting You’, a project carried out by Enactus UK which aims to improve businesses in the local area which are declining due to many similar businesses operating there. To emulate their success, our project aimed towards setting up a student-led consultancy to help improve the conditions of the business operating within the Semenyih area.

Connected 1 social welfare association with a local business




March 2020

- Collaboration of social welfare associations

with Hungri-Lah

- Grand Launching of Hungri-Lah

- Generated leads of social welfare associations that may collaborate with Hungri-lah to provide employment opportunities

February 2020

- Soft launch and product testing for YJack

client, Hungri-Lah

December 2019

- Mock pitching sessions and client progress review

October 2019

- Initiated the Strategic Planning Syllabus workshop for the members

September 2019

- GECB discusses KPIs and presents two clients operating in the F&B industry: Hungri-lah and Tanjavore


March 2019

- Project Chance initiated and pitched SEBAB to 20 vendors

February 2019

- Official kickoff the collaboration with GECB (consultancy tutoring and developing future frameworks)

- Field search conducted of 88 vendors and stalls to introduce the POLC framework

January 2019

- Final preparations of the Pre- During- Post- (PDP) Framework

December 2018

- First meeting is set with GECB for them to be set as the official corporate consultant of Project Chance

October 2018: Project Initiation

- Project Chance's team is formed for the first time

Our Team


Being on the Project Chance team requires, by far, the most technical skills. The active members are some of the most dedicated individuals Enactus UNM has to offer. Often going to several highly informative meetings/workshops every month, these members must possess a high understanding of the consultancy world and the analysis and planning that goes into running a business. These members are a reflection of Enactus's vision of entrepreneurial spirit among university students


Centered: Suren Huan Feng (Project Leader)

The team: Sharon Nkonge, Trinity Chin Jean Vern, Charity Abdallah Mrinji, Mary Aikhuele, Lua Yun Xin, Dina Abreham Ghirmay, Noah Idris,Chan Zhi Yuan


Centered: Aiman Farhan (Project Leader)

The team: Wong Datt Chee, Esther Yap, Ankita Saigal

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