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E-Bazaar is a ongoing weekly project in which Enactus UNM brings the Pasar Malam (Night Market) concept to the University of Nottingham Malaysia. This project aims to create a platform to provide the location and consistency to underprivileged local businesses to sell their food and merchandise. Students are also highly encouraged to set up their booths since all proceeds from rental are channeled into our main Enactus Social Projects.

The E-bazaar acts as the main source of income for Enactus UNM. 

Over 20 Local Vendors

impacted with increased income


2018 - Present

This project came about to contribute an effort to save the environment with the initiative of encouraging UNM students and staff to practice recycling while at the same time collecting revenue by bringing these recycled items to a waste facility in Kajang. Students are encouraged to bring their recycled items (cans, paper, tins, plastics etc.) by creating a reward system where they receive points for the amount of recycled waste they bring in which they can redeem E-Bazaar vouchers. Profit collected from this project is channeled into Enactus UNM's main projects.

Collected over 365kg of recyclable items

2015 - 2018

Project Renascimento

Originally named Project Azulejo and focused on producing hand-painted tiles and other products like canvas painting and smartphone covers in order to raise awareness about the fading culture of Malaccan Refugees, Project Renascimento aims to revive the Malacca Portuguese culture along with the Portuguese Settlement. The origin of the project name comes from the Portuguese word Renascimento which means revival. This project embraces their culture of making pickles using mango and fish, by introducing and selling their product to a larger audience.

Malaccan Portuguese Pickles purchased by Enactus Malaysia as judge's door gifts for EMNC

2014 - 2018

Project Flyterlizers hopes to educate underpriviledged Orang Asli families on becoming entreprenuers while tackling the Malaysian food waste management issues. Based in Sungai Lalang, Semenyih, we cultivate Black Soldier Flies (BSF) to manage food waste by turning it into high-protein alternative feed for the poultry and aquaculture industry, thereby developing a cheaper and more sustainable source of feed. This project hopes to improve the living conditions of the orang asli while resolving environmental issues such as scarcity of water, depletion of land and improper waste disposal.

Project Flyterlizers
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